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Book TWO :
Vanguard is now available

"Amazing...fiction unlike anything you've ever read--weaves LDS themes and characters into a world of shadow governments and bad guys bent on world domination. I loved the characters, the suspense, and the insight into ... human themes. ... Everyone will enjoy this!"


--Kirby Heyborne, Award-Winning Audiobook Narrator (Odyssey and Audiofile Earphone Awards), Actor, Comedian

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"By far the best techno-thriller by an LDS author I have read to date. The ADAMIC CODE is enthralling, incredibly well-researched, and delivered with pacing that will take your breath away. Rarely have I cheered aloud for a character while reading a novel, but I did with this one. Several times!"

Gregg Luke, author of Plague and Infected."

About the Author

When Chris Knudsen isn’t writing books, he runs a successful direct to consumer marketing consultancy. Chris has a master’s degree in business administration from Westminster College and spent ten years as a university instructor. Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Elizabeth and their four children. They call Heber Valley home.


When Chris uses the Adamic Code to create a revolutionary artificial intelligence known as Max, he gets the world’s attention; but fame’s not all he thought it would be.

Working side by side with the beautiful and brilliant Leah, he soon finds himself caught up in a web of lies and manipulations as a secret society plot to take control of the Max-AI and the world. 


Against all odds, Chris must cooperate with the CIA to stop the Order from destroying most of humanity with an unthinkable weapon.  Outgunned and out of time, Chris and a team of assassins form a long-shot plan to take down the enemy.

Can they use the Max-AI to stop the Order before it’s too late? 

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